Hosted by Two Brothers

A Podcast For Those Striving To Improve.

Design Test Improve is a podcast about productivity, self-development, and designing a well intentioned life. We explore different topics with the goal of sharing something you can design into your life so you can test it and determine if it improved your life.

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The Story Behind The Design Test Improve Podcast.

Design Test Improve came to existence after Eduardo heard a podcast where two friends were talking about various topics.

This sparked the idea to start a podcast with his brother, Diego, centered around self-improvement since they both read up on various topics on areas they want to improve in their life.

Latest Episode

45: How to Become Extremely Disciplined Without Relying on Willpower

In this episode we discuss how to optimize your environment by creating systems that are designed to foster self-discipline, instead of relying solely on your own willpower.

Recent Episodes

Meet Your Hosts

College Dropout | Web Designer & Marketer

Hey, I’m Diego

A web designer and marketing strategist who’s developed a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their business online.

Although I love what I do, what I’m truly striving for is becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly be.

I realized early on that the more I develop myself as an overall person, the better I can be at what I do.

I started learning more about productivity, personal finance, philosophy, and so much more.

Over the years Eduardo and I have had countless conversations about how self-development has impacted our lives. So we decided to create our podcast to share our conversations with the world.


Diego Ugalde

College Grad | Mechanical Engineer

Hey, I’m Eduardo.

A mechanical engineer who likes to design not only physical products, but different aspects of my life in order to live a life that I want to live.

Over the years, I have gone through countless sources of information in various topics, from productivity to career to psychology. In those years, I have tested things that I have learned to see what worked for me and what didn’t all with the goal to improve my quality of life.

With this design test improve mentality approach I have been able to:

  • Get more of the right things done
  • Decrease my anxiety and negative self-talk
  • Live a more intentional life

I am far from having life figured out, but I strive to trend towards that direction knowing that the journey never ends.