44: A Framework For Helping You Become A Better Version of Yourself Through Self-Reflection

In this episode, we discuss how you can utilize self-reflection exercises as a way to help coach yourself to overcome obstacles, accomplish your goals, and become a better overall version of yourself.

Call To Action

  • Set aside 15mins to an hour to truly reflect on your life
  • To make the session more productive, come up with a list of questions that help you during this self-reflection session: 
    • What are some great things that happened to me this past week?
    • What was the main struggle you faced this week, and how would you advise someone dealing with the same struggle?
    • What are two things you learned about yourself this past week?
    • One decision you could have made this last week to make your life better or move ahead faster?
    • What worked really well this past week and why?
  • The goal is to make this a consistent habit, so try to start off by scheduling at least one day of the week where you have a self-reflection session, and then increase from there if you feel the need.

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