43: How to Apply the S-Curve Framework for Consistent Career Development

In this episode, we discuss the S-Curve of Growth framework and how it can be used as a compass on your career journey. We share personal experiences on how the S-Curve has helped us reflect on our careers in order to determine when it is time to apply to jobs, ask for promotions, and new opportunities for career growth.

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  • First, you have to evaluate where you’re at today in regards to the S-Curve 
    • The base is the starting point – starting a position with a lot of potential to learn
    • The slope up is the growth section – in a current position where you’re being challenged and gaining tons of experience
    • The top is mastery/stagnation – mastered your position and no longer feel challenged
  • If you’re at the base or slope, keep going and try to learn as much as you can… milk that as much as possible!
  • If you’re at the top and feel like you’re stagnating, how can you be proactive and create a new challenge for yourself? 
    • Ask for a promotion – ex: IC —> Manager
    • Change departments or projects – ex: Client Marketing —> Brand Marketing
    • Change jobs – Sometimes you outgrow a company and need a new one with bigger challenges

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