40: Cultivating A Healthy Attention Diet For High Performance

In this episode, we discuss the importance of cultivating a healthy attention diet that promotes higher quality entertainment/education as opposed to an unhealthy attention diet that mindlessly wastes our time and energy. We share what a healthy vs an unhealthy attention diet looks like and tips on how you can start cultivating a healthy one for yourself.

Call To Action

  1. Reflect on what sources of information are pulling your attention?
  2. Vet the sources to see if this is bringing value to your life or if it is just a mindless distraction
  3. Remove or limit the mindless distractions so they don’t pull your attention?
    1. Delete social media or only follow people/pages that bring value to your life
    2. Phone notifications
    3. Limit websites using software tools like Freedom
    4. Your cellphone (place out of sight when working/studying)
  4. Find high-quality sources of information/entertainment to bring into your life
    1. Podcasts, Books, Articles from someone you enjoy reading from, Documentaries, Movies

Content / Tools Mentioned

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