35: Tactics To Reduce Anxiety In The Workplace For Optimal Productivity

In this episode, we discuss the common struggle of anxiety in the workplace. We talk about how anxiety has impacted our lives in regards to our career, share some recent examples, and tactics we use to help reduce anxiety to help us perform optimally.

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Next time anxiety at work comes up try some of the following steps to potentially help reduce it:

  • Challenge your perspective on it
    • Ask yourself is this going to matter in 5 years
    • Remind yourself that “this too shall pass”
    • Ask yourself why are you worrying about something in the future you don’t know is going to happen for sure? Instead, why don’t you just focus on what is in your control and wait for that event to happen?
    • Think of previous challenging events you overcame
  • Take action
    • Meditate (minimum 10 minutes a day)
    • Exercise
    • Surround yourself with nature
    • Get enough sleep
    • Talk with friends/family/therapist/mentor (support group)
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