34: Build An Edge in Your Career Through Talent Stacking

In this episode, we discuss the concept of talent stacking and how it can help you grow exponentially in your career and personal life. We cover what talent stacking is, the benefits of it, and advice on how to identify what skills to potentially add to your talent stack to gain an edge in your career roadmap.

Content / Tools Mentioned


Reflect on the kind of profession, side hustles, hobbies, and lifestyle you want to develop

  • Determine what skills you would need to have in order to reach that goal
  • Start or Continue developing the skills you identified that will help you reach your goal
  • When you hit a constraint, ask yourself, “What skill do I need to learn to break through this barrier?” –– that’s the next skill to add to your stack

Some talents we believe everyone should add to their stack are:

  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Personal Finance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Some resources: Udemy.comSkillshare.comYouTube.com
  • Reminder: This is an ongoing journey that takes time
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