31: Tackling The Biggest Obstacle That’s Holding You Back… Starting

In this episode, we discuss how sometimes the biggest hurdle to accomplishing a goal is the “start”. We talk about some personal examples and our advice on how we overcame the starting hurdle and how you can too.

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  1. List out the goals you want to accomplish on paper to get them out of your mind.
  2. Once you’ve written them down, vet them to see if they’re actually something you WANT to do.
  3. If what you want to do requires a big upfront investment, try to find ways to start small to prove the concept first before investing more into your goal.
  4. Once you’re confident in your list of goals, list out the first small steps you can take to build momentum and confidence.
  5. Go in with the expectation that things won’t be perfect, and that’s okay… you’ll learn as you go.
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