30: Are You Using Social Media, Or Is It Using You?

In this episode, we discuss the negative impacts the overuse of social media has on our lives and advice on how to control it instead of it controlling you.

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  • Episode 9: How to Handle & Prevent Burnout

Call To Action

Challenge yourself to go 7-days without using social media

1. Identify what you’ll be doing during these 7-days when you’ll be off of social media

  • Start a project
  • Read a book
  • Do a hobby

2. Make a mental note if you realize yourself feeling calmer, happier, more present, etc.

3. At the end of those 7-days, if you decide to go back on social media, put systems in place to prevent you from overconsuming like before.

  • App Blockers
  • Turn off notifications
  • Do Not Disturb during certain hours
  • Clean up your newsfeed so you only see positive content –– unfollow news, politics, influencers, etc.
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