17: Become the Most Valuable Member in Your Company by Applying the T-Shape Model

Today’s episode is on the T-Shape model. What it is, why you should consider it, and how to apply it to your life.

T-Shaped Model Explained

The horizontal part of the “T” is the broad knowledge about the different disciplines within your industry. It’s all of other facets that you’re familiar with—but not necessarily absolute expert in.

Then, the vertical part of the “T” shows the singular depth of knowledge on one subject. It’s the discipline within your industry that you are an absolute expert on.

How To Implement What We Talk About

  • First ask yourself, what industry do I want to work in? –– Marketing, Engineering, Programming, etc.
  • Then start learning at a basic level all the disciplines within that industry. You can do this by reading books, or taking a certification or training program that gives you a broad understanding of everything in one course
  • Now create list of 1–3 disciplines that you want to be a specialist in within your industry and start diving into those disciplines.

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