16: Only Stay Where You Are Valued

This episode was inspired by an article that we read called “Five Words That Will Change Your Life” in which they wrote about five words that would change your life –– “Only Stay Where You’re Valued.”

We are going to be discussing this phrase and its implementation in our lives.

Call To Action – How to implement what we discussed in this episode:

Identify areas in your life where you feel like you’re being under-valued. Once you identify those areas, think of a game plan to either improve those relationships, or figure out a way to get out of them and into ones where you are being truly being valued.

To help with this, ask yourself the following questions to analyze your personal and professional relationships:

Personal Relationships (Friends & Family)

  • Do they only hit you up when they need something?
  • Do you feel calm, happy, and at peace when you are around them?
  • Do you feel like you have a boost of energy around them?
  • Is helping each other a two way street or are you the only one helping even when you ask for help?
  • Do you feel comfortable telling them “no”, and when you do, do they respect your boundaries?
  • Do they praise and congratulate you when you accomplish something? Or do they criticize or try to limit you when reaching for your goals?
  • Can you tell them good or bad news without them making it about themselves?
  • Does they say or do things behind your back?
  • Are they only there with you during the good times, or the bad times too?
  • Do they embarrass you or tarnish your image in public?

Professional Relationships (Boss, Partner, Co-Workers, etc.)

  • If you’ve been working hard at your job and delivering results… do they reward you for it?
  • Do they congratulate and praise you in front of others?
  • Do they consider you for positions that you’ve showed interest in?
  • Do you feel that your company is offering opportunities for you to further develop your skillset?
  • Does management and fellow team members treat you with respect?

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