15: Identifying and Overcoming Career Stagnation

In this episode we will be discussing career stagnation –– what it may look like, common ways people fall into it, and how to avoid or get out of it if you’re currently stagnant in your career.

Call To Action – How to implement what we discussed in this episode:

  • On a piece of paper or digital note app, reflect on where you are in your career by asking yourself
    • What are you working on?
    • What milestones you have achieved?
    • What are you enjoying and why?
    • What are you not enjoying and why?
    • What skillsets are you developing?
    • What skillsets do you want to learn?
    • Are you happy (if not, why are you not happy)?
  • Create a plan for what are your next moves
    • Something you want to learn (in or outside the company)
    • Talking to your manager about transitioning out of a dull assignment or just let your manager know what you are interested in so they can keep you in mind for future assignments
    • etc.

Content/Tools Mentioned:

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